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State-of-the-art saw mill operations

Eksjö Industri AB is a state-of-the-art saw mill operating in the Småland highland area, having our important raw material growing ‘right on our doorstep’. We purchase from forest owners based mainly within a radius of some 50 km, which allows short transport distances and thus reduces our carbon footprint to a minimum. Naturally, we are also an environmentally and quality assurance certified operation.Eksjö Industri AB is a fully equipped state-of-the-art saw mill, and has been in operation since 1941. We are a subsidiary of Lindholmsgruppen, a family owned company group, together with Eksjöhus, Eksjöhus Bostad and Eksjöhus Modulbygg.

Of our raw materials, some 70 percent comes from spruce and the remaining 30 percent from pine. All our timber is marked KD 56/30 och ISPM 15. In our planning mill the sawn products are further processed responding to our customers’ requirements. In our paint shop we carry out primer coating and, if specified, further acrylic top-coating of exterior boarding and panelling, and other sensitive building construction details, such as supports, linings, edging slabs, gable boards etc. for their protection before and during building construction work.

From our timber processing operations, we also produce green energy from the waste and by-products, such as bark, shavings and chips, which are used to fuel our own heating plant, as well as supplying any surplus material to energy producing companies. 

To be able to offer the highest possible quality at every stage of our operations – sawing, planing and painting – is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a broad product mix, including for example finger jointed products and primed panels. Our wide product range and large stock of finished goods, means we are able to rapidly respond to any of our customers’ requirements.

Eksjo industri AB

Box 255
575 23 Eksjö
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Tel: 0381-383 30 info@eksjoindustri.se

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