Quality assurance for you – and us

Quality and environmental assurance are the two concepts which guide our entire operation. We are therefore particular about obtaining the required certificates, showing that we comply with the guidelines concerning all our production processes and our finished products. Compliance with these standards ensures a secure operation for the benefit of our customers, and giving us confirmation and proof that our production processes are focused on the right aims and goals. We call it quality assurance in all stages of our operations!
Below you can see a selection of our current certificates. For further information, please contact Peter Elovsson on +46 381 383 44.

Approval of drying plant

Certificate issued by the Swedish Board of Agriculture for equipment conforming to the requirements of SJVFS 1997:65 for 56°/30min labelling.


Environmental standard certification issued by the Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB for forest operations in compliance with the Forest Act and the PEFC/FSC Forest and Environmental Standards.


Environmental standard certification according to the FSC Wood Products Control System for compliance with the FSC Multisite Standard, the FSC Chain of Custody Standard, and the FSC Controlled Wood Standard.


Eksjö Industri has EC Certificate of Factory Production Control C14.

Declaration of Performance C14

Visually strength graded structural timber (T-timber).

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