Raw material on our doorstep

Vi har råvaran runt knuten.

Eksjö Industri AB is located in the heart of the densely forested south-Swedish highland area offering an abundance of high-quality raw materials. Most of these are purchased fromprivate forest owners and timber merchants, but also directly from forest corporations. Our suppliers are mainly found within a radius of some50 kmwhich means that transportation distances are relatively short and therefore environmentally acceptable. Our production base consists of some 70 percent spruce and 30 percent pine.

We accept raw materials from forest owners in the form of delivery timber, felling commissions, stumpage purchases and standing forest timber. In all our felling operations, we cooperate with environmentally certified contractors to be able to guarantee the highest level of nature conservation as well as optimum owner yield values. This is further ensured by the high percentage of timber in our felling operations.

Forestowners requiring forest management conservation measures, planting and clearing, please contact us. We will be very happy to assist you.


Environmental certification

Eksjö Industri AB is environmentally certified according to PEFC™ and FSC®. Our forest operations are in compliance with the Forestry Act and the PEFC/FSC Forest and Environmental Standard. Our contractors are certified and trained in nature conservation and cultural environment protection measures.

Obtaining forestry certification is a voluntary decision; however, it may be instrumental in increasing proceeds for forest owners. Owners agree to operate according to a forest management plan and to keep at least 5 percent of their forest land for nature conservation purposes. Also, the national, cultural and social interests of these standards must be fulfilled.


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Peter Elovsson

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Supervisor raw materials
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