Meeting your requirements

Eksjö Industri offers a wide selection of sawn and finished timber, specialising in products for the DIY and building construction industry, as well as other industries requiring high-quality timber. We offer JIT delivery and flexible services to all our customers – irrespective of order volumes.


We operate two saw lines. 2/3 of our production are spruce and 1/3 are pine. The sawn boards and planks are sorted in stacks according to dimensions using drying shavings between each or every other layer. The stacks are then left to dry in our kilns which are heated by our on-site biofuel plant or by district heating. After drying, the products are graded in packages of the same qualities and lengths to be marketed and sold as finished products or as products for further processing.
Sågad vara


We operate three planing and processing lines, such as fine sawing, sawing to length and end jointing. We also have machines for stress grading/calibration which means we are able to supply several different qualities of structural timber. One of our planing lines is adapted for very long lengths allowing the planing of finger jointed planks.
Hyvlad vara

Painting and surface coating

Our painting department is fully equipped to handle a wide range of requirements, such as the priming of outer boards and panels or applying any specified coatings of acrylic paint. Contact us and we will willingly assist you in finding the right solution for your wood coating requirements.

Additional processes

We are also able to offer other types of timber treatment, such as pressure impregnation. Contact us for a discussion of your specific requirements.
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Peter Elovsson

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